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  • November 21, 2013 4:02 PM | Anonymous

    Dear Member:

    As you are aware, the MLA commissioned the engineering firm Baird & Associates to conduct a review to better understand the causes of the spring flooding and determine whether the likelihood of recurrence could be reduced. A summary of the study was sent to all members.

    Since then, we have written to the Ministers of Natural Resources and Energy requesting the following:

    1. MNR produce a detailed and transparent public report on the factors that led to the 2013 spring flooding.
    2. MNR develop an integrated forecasting and flood control operational management manual for the Muskoka Lakes system – as was suggested when the current dam operation manual was created.
    3. Review the Muskoka River Water Management Plan, with specific emphasis on the requirement for structural changes or enhancements to dams and control structures that could enhance upstream storage. 

    We are pleased to advise that late last week, the Township of Muskoka Lakes passed a resolution to request that the MNR undertake an impact study to understand the effects of lowering the water levels during the fall through the spring months. It also asks that the MNR report to council with an analysis of this year's spring flood as well as the current high water levels, to understand specific actions taken (and when) to reduce the amount of water across the watershed. The District of Muskoka has also approved a resolution to support the resolution passed by the Township of Muskoka Lakes.

    Significant flooding this spring, and extremely high water levels this fall, clearly indicate that a review of watershed management in Muskoka is appropriate.  We look forward to working with the MNR and the Township of Muskoka Lakes to find ways to reduce the likelihood of future flooding in Muskoka.  

    A copy of our report can be found here.

  • November 16, 2013 11:55 PM | Anonymous

    The Ministry of Natural Resources issued a combined Flood Watch and Watershed Conditions Statement for Muskoka/Parry Sound yesterday.


    FROM: Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR), Parry Sound District

    The MINISTRY OF NATURAL RESOURCES Parry Sound District is advising area residents within the Parry-Sound/Muskoka area that high water levels in local rivers and lakes may increase due to forecasted rainfall of 40-50mm over the next four days.

    The potential for flooding exists early next week within vulnerable floodprone locations should forecasted rainfall amounts occur.

    A FLOOD WATCH has been been issued specific to the following locations within the Muskoka River system (other areas are under a Watershed Conditions Statement):

         -Bala Reach, Moon River: Township of Muskoka Lakes.  Current high water levels may reach flood levels in vulnerable flood prone locations should forecasted rainfall of 40-50mm occur over the next four days

         -Lake Joseph and Lake Rosseau: Township of Muskoka Lakes and Sequin Township.  Lake water levels may significantly increase which has the potential to impact shoreline infrastructure such as docks and boathouses and affect low-lying areas.

    The Parry Sound District Ministry of Natural Resources is advising area residents to take further action to protect property in flood prone areas and to exercise caution around water bodies and any low lying areas.  Close supervision of children and pets is advised.

    This message will be valid until 5:00 pm on Monday, November 18, 2013 and will be updated before then should conditions change.

    For more information about weather and flooding risks, and advice on what to do in the event of a flood, go to:


    Terminology: Notification Levels

    ** WATERSHED CONDITIONS STATEMENT: unsafe lake, river and channel conditions exist.

    ** FLOOD WATCH: potential for flooding exists within specific watercourses and municipalities

    FLOOD WARNING: flooding is imminent or occurring within specific watercourses and municipalities.

  • October 12, 2013 12:07 AM | Anonymous


    photo of the TSW on an autumn morning, by Terry Rees:

    A reminder from FOCA: the canal operations of Parks Canada end their boating season on Thanksgiving Monday


    Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Associations

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    October 2013

    2013 FOCA Fall Meeting:
    "Water Woes: Higher Highs & Lower Lows"

    with feature speaker Bob Sandford

    image courtesy EPCOR
    used with permission


    When: Saturday, November 2nd, 2013 from 3:30pm - 6:00pm
    Where: Toronto International Centre - conference centre

    FOCA will also provide updates on issues that matter to waterfront property owners. Click here for the meeting agenda. For more about Bob Sandford, click here...

    Click to register NOW for the FOCA Fall Meeting

    and you will also receive: 1 FREE ticket to the Fall Cottage Life Show (=up to $15 savings) happening next door in Hall #5 of the Toronto International Centre. Plan to make a day of it on Saturday November 2nd!


    Changing Climate - What you need to know

    FOCA recently asked freshwater expert, Bob Sandford: What does a changing climate situation mean for our waterfront communities?

    Bob's answer: "There is a great deal we don't know about our freshwater systems that streams and lakes will teach us as temperatures rise and precipitation patterns change.

    "If you have a house on a lake or river in Canada, you are going to have a ringside seat to observe and measure these changes, which we are only beginning to anticipate and do not yet fully understand."

    (Note: this is an excerpt from a FOCA interview with Bob Sandford, fall  2013. The full interview will be available later this fall on the FOCA website, and via Water Canada magazine online.)

    Remember to register for Lake Links


    a past Lake Links event

    How time flies: There is only one week remaining until the annual Lake Links Workshop in Perth on Saturday, October 19th!

    Are you coming?

    Famed opinion researcher Angus McAllister will offer stimulating ideas for reaching and engaging lake residents in your area. Everyone will walk away with some new insight, tools, strategies and motivation for getting people to help you help your cause.

    FOCA's own Terry Rees will also be a featured speaker on the topic of recent Ontario regulatory changes, the roles of government and citizens, and what we need to do now to manage our lakes for the future.

    Get more details and registration info by clicking here... Only $15 to attend. FOCA will see you there!

    Say it ain't so: Time for Cottage Closing Tips 


    If you are shutting down the cottage for the season, FOCA offers the following reminders:

    • Secure windows and doors - close curtains or blinds; put up shutters if necessary to protect the interior from marauders (animal or human)
    • Leave no valuables at the cottage - electronics, personal items, tools - unless you are prepared to lose them!
    • Confirm your local "keyholder" person to respond to any alarms, weather damage, thefts or animal problems. Record their contact info and give them yours.
    • For snow machines remove track and keys; ensure boats are covered and locked with outboard motors locked and slightly disassembled; disable ATVs. Leave nothing on a trailer unless it is locked or disabled.
    • Record the serial numbers of anything of value you decide to leave behind

    For info on shutting down cottage electrical systems, refer to additional tips from the Electrical Standards Association: Click here for the tips...

    Happy Thanksgiving!  

    FOCA wishes everyone a very safe and happy long weekend.

    PS - If you capture a great picture or two, please send it along to FOCA.

    image courtesy FOCA member Darlene C. of the Crane Lake Association

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